A vegan & ethical creative firm
that helps good hearted businesses
win consumer preference
across the globe

Discovering your spirit
Inventing your brand

If you are starting up or diversifying, finding the right name for your new venture / brand is our lookout

Everything in the universe is a vibration.
We create only good vibes for your business.


Creating the right perception for your business through:

Brand /Business Name consultancy

Brand spirit Discovery

Brand Positioning/ Brand Perception consultancy

Logo Design / Identity Design / Rebranding

Packaging Design

Ad Campaigns

Big impact Copywriting

TVC, Digital, corporate films


In the spirit of Creation

Creating the identity for a business- Be it the name, logo, visual experience, packaging or a Campaign – it’s truly a spiritual experience for us

When we are creating something from the scratch, it’s like we are creating something out of nothing – that’s how this universe came into being – from nothing. That nothing is the basis of everything. Everything we do in any creative process is also happening on a macro cosmic scale in the universe.

It’s a great feeling that, we are responsible for creating something out of the ordinary for someone’s passion, vision & business. The fact that they have entrusted us with the onus of creating the very identity of their business, fills us with gratitude and a strong drive to do something absolutely original and fantastic for them.


Our insights & inputs help businesses sustain loyalty, in the times when customer preferences are becoming increasingly volatile & customer attention span is rapidly reducing

When it comes to strategic brand consultancy we have done immediate problem solving cases like simplifying solutions, De-cluttering, bringing FOCUS & Objectivity resulting in BRAND CLARITY, Brand architecture, Brand perception & positioning. When you have a concept we help you articulate the value proposition and guide you in the right manner to create the desired perception keeping the target audience in mind and then help you communicate the same to induce inquiry & purchase. We also help businesses in developing the entire ecosystem around which your brand can grow: For eg: research – qualitative unconscious consumer research & also brand audit, retail or hospitality experience audits where we record and help you enhance all the MOT’s of your consumer facing business.

Many a times while growing business, the organization tends to complicate a lot of things - processes, communication, work systems, hierarchy, brand and market understanding, myopia etc. In such cases we play the role of a defogger. While understanding your business processes, service processes, delivery patterns, issues we see everything from a customer’s, employee’s, vendor’s and owner’s perspective; only then suggest a simplified solution.

Virtues businesses must adopt to sustain