Name is the only permanent, everlasting identity of your business / brand.

The logo, colour palette, look & feel, campaigns, packaging, brochures everything changes with time.
Only thing that’s eternal is the brand/business name

Brand/business name

How does someone address you or your offering? How does someone remember you? Through the name. It encapsulates what you stand for and the kind of perception you intend to create in the minds of the people.

The right name can change the game!

A good brand name

The Name litmus

the filters all name prospects have to clear to be chosen as the perfect one for your brand
  • Is it Relevant : does the name represent the sector you are in ?
  • Is it a right fit: is the name the right fit for your business, your ideology, the target audience and the Offering
  • Easy to say: – is the name easy to pronounce or say? Helps in word of mouth & recall
  • Is it Aspirational: very important in the current times if the name doesn’t appeal to the aspirations of the people it may not be good enough, in short does it have that zing . This could be product or service specific
  • Is it Available : very important again- your name Is your intellectual property: an asset that’s the most crucial part of your brand value. We do thorough legal checks whether the name is available to be registered for trademark and no other such name already exists in the classification you are looking at.
  • Distinctly different: How does the name stand out amongst the competition? Is it unique enough
  • Sounds Good: How does it sound when said out loud? Does it give off a pleasant sound? What kind of a vibe the sound give
  • Positioning: Evaluate names through the lens of your customers. How do they relate to the brand compared to alternatives in the market? How do they identify with your company? Does the brand name reinforce that experience?
  • Business Extension: Would the name still be relevant if you introduced new sub-categories? started out as a CRM tool in 1999 but has evolved today to offer a whole host of cloud based services. Well beyond the scope of its name. An occurrence to be avoided. If there is a possibility of future business extension, we need to make a provision for that in the name or while naming.
  • Stickiness: Is the name easy to remember? What sets the name apart that it would get hooked in memory?
  • Expression: Does the name demonstrate what your brand is all about? Does it fit your brand’s personality?

The passionate grind

the naming process

The Genesis of the following Names happened through us

An energy trading platform

A web portal to prep the brand merchandising for your business and go to market

A therapeutic medicine for menopausal issues

A redevelopment focus seed brand for a builder

Name of a commercial business complex

A training and life skills company

Cctv, surveillance equipment & safety equipment


Fruit juice brand


Eyedrop brand


Brespoke custom mens wear brand


Probiotic brand


Laundromat brand


Realestate plotting project name


Ajwain extract that has great digestion benefits + other benefits


A prestigious high end luxurious residential real estate project


A premium hospitality destination having a boutique hotel & 3 banquets


Style+ nirvaana – salon brand


Event ideation company


Employee engagement service


!00% natural sugar


Mattress brand


Automated reports expert =software solution


Led bulbs


Smart fitness & food solutions at work


A sugar and jaggery brand

A wealth management company

A sportswear brand

Naturally good cubes for your skin – a skincare brand

A British accounting firm that works for ethical businesses

A Cashew brand

Calcium brand

Apparel brand & store for men & women

Collagen based anti-aging drink

A spa brand

Natural organic salad brand

An NGO that helps students deal with the stress of  education.

Galvanized steel brand

Herbal pesticide brand

Shaving razor for men

World’s first of it’s kind bore-well charging technology – patented

Anti-stretch mark cream

Sugar cane juice

A worldclass business hub – real estate project

Herbal growth promoter for crops

A premium real estate brand

Conceive with love – an ivf brand

Renewable energy asset servicing business

A diagnostic lab brand